Stay Home, Stay Safe!

Wear a mask, maintain 6 feet distance, Avoid Public gatherings blah, blah, blah…

You must be tired of hearing these phrases again and again. Almost half the year has passed and we’re stuck in our homes doing nothing. Thankfully, the pressure has now reduced and many countries have now started opening their doors for tourists.

However, things can’t go according to your previous plans because things have changed a lot over the past few months. So, you need to plan your trip based on the current circumstances. And you won’t have to make any struggle because we have prepared holiday ideas for summer 2020.

Hopefully, it will help you with enjoying a safe journey.


Yes, this is the best time to visit the Maldives because the authorities haven’t imposed any restrictions on tourists. The Maldives is one of the best places people love visiting. And it remains crowded with visitors throughout the year.

But that’s not the situation this year because many people have dropped their plans due to Covid-19. This country isn’t a threat to anyone because it has only a few people working on the island. These employees didn’t leave the island since March and they’re ready to give you a warm welcome.

You can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable vacation here. Moreover, you can enjoy lots of amazing activities with peace of mind. So, prepare your luggage because it’s time to get rid of the worries that came over the past few months.

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is another amazing tourist spot where you can go for a holiday in summer 2020. The situation on this island is almost similar to the Maldives. You’re free to enjoy your vacation without having to follow any strict rules. You can enjoy the freedom here while everyone else is stuck at their home.

The best part is that Accommodation on Hamilton island is much cheaper than in the Maldives.


Dubai was one of the cities that were seriously affected by Covid-19. However, they took some quick and reasonable steps due to which they’re finally able to open their doors for travelers. Dubai offers lots of fun activities for people from all walks of life.

Although the city is now open for tourists, you’re still supposed to follow some restrictions when you’re here because many people are visiting this city even in this situation.

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